A balancing experience for your whole body

Emily incorporates Reiki in all of her sessions, so you will receive the benefits regardless of which type of session you book.

Reiki is a healing modality that strengthens and heightens your own natural vital energy or “life force.” Reiki taps into this life force and allows it to flow more freely and clearly through the body. In turn, this allows deep healing to take place; when prana is able to move unhindered through the body, it restores areas that have been blocked or restricted.

Reiki treatments can either be hands on or hands off. When receiving a treatment, your job is to relax! You will be lying comfortably on a massage table and encouraged to close your eyes and “let go.”

During your treatment you might feel warmth, glowing, or heat in different areas of the body. Or… you might not feel much at all! Each treatment is different, and each person is different. What’s important to know is that whether you feel anything or not, the healing of Reiki is at work.