CranioSacral Therapy

A light touch approach to regulatE the nervous system

CranioSacral Therapy is a subtle yet powerful tool that can help many different chronic and acute symptoms.

During a typical session, clients remained clothed and lie comfortably on the massage table. Emily will apply extremely light pressure to the feet, along the spine, and at the skull, plus any additional places in need of attention and balancing. Your job as a client is to relax, find quiet stillness, and release. Sessions may include:

  • essential oils

  • singing bowls

  • palo santo and/or sweetgrass

During the session, many clients report feeling extremely relaxed, and not quite asleep but not fully awake. Some experience visual imagery, some auditory information, and yet others mention physical sensations. Everyone’s sessions are unique, and the body releases what it’s ready to let go of. Many times, the most relief can come when we let our minds turn “off” and get out of the way so our bodies can heal with their natural wisdom.

Symptoms and conditions that can be relieved from CranioSacral Therapy include (but are definitely not limited to!):

  • body tension

  • headaches

  • insomnia

  • stress/anxiety

  • fibromyalgia

  • chronic fatigue

  • eye and ear impairments

  • vertigo

  • sinus issues

  • TMJ pain

  • neck pain

  • sphenobasilar joint issues

  • emotional imbalances

  • right/left brain balance issues

  • personality changes

  • depression

  • and SO much more!

CranioSacral Therapy utilizes light touch to access the pulse of the cerebrospinal fluid, allowing the practitioner to feel imbalances, discrepancies, and irregularities. With awareness and continued light touch, the practitioner is able to assist the craniosacral pulse to re-balance, helping restore the client’s optimal health.

While CranioSacral Osteopathy originated to address a wide variety of traumas and dysfunctions of the brain, cranium, and nervous system, it has evolved into a gentle and powerful hands-on approach for working at the intersection of body, mind, and spirit. Do not mistake “subtle” for “superficial.” This work and its effects can be profound, even life-altering.